Community Engagement Studios

Interactive session where researchers can enhance their projects with input from patients, caregivers, health care providers and community members

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Any U-M researcher and their research partners.


This service runs on a first-come, first-served basis. There are 12 slots available for the year. Should applications exceed that number, we will form a waiting list for cancellations.

How much?

Facilitator cost, studio supplies, and staff time are covered by MICHR. Research teams are asked to pay for expert compensation.

What is this offering?

The Community Engagement (CE) Studio provides an opportunity for researchers to enhance their research project during an interactive session with patients, caregivers, health care providers, community members, and other non-researcher stakeholders. A panel of stakeholders, whose characteristics are defined by the researcher, will be assembled to provide feedback to enhance your research project.

During the CE Studio, researchers can gather input from his/her community of interest or patient group about:

  • Research project design
  • Informed consent development and the consent process
  • Incentives for research participation
  • Participant recruitment processes
  • Developing culturally and linguistically appropriate study materials
  • Understanding and interpreting research results
  • Sharing research results with the community

The stakeholders who participate in studios are members of the population or community that the researcher wishes to involve in his/her research study. They are experts in their community’s culture, literacy levels, translation needs, history, and past experiences with research.

How this advances translational science

Engaging patients and communities in research to advance translational progress.

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