Letters of Support

What is this offering?

Grant proposals may be strengthened by a letter of support detailing MICHR offerings you will use to meet the research goals outlined in your proposal.

MICHR has various offerings available to the research community. If you need a tailored plan to support your research goals, please discuss what to include in your draft letter of support with your MICHR contact.

Requesting a Letter of Support

Please use the following standard process to request a letter of support:

  1. Download this template. Use the MICHR boilerplate to customize your letter with the appropriate offerings.
  2. Customize the template with basic information about your proposal and the MICHR offerings you will use.
  3. Email the completed letter to MICHRLetter@umich.edu and include:
    • The name of the proposal and the name of the PI
    • The name of anyone at MICHR you worked with to customize support for your letter
    • The name and contact information for the person who should receive the completed letter
    • Your deadline

Who can use this offering?

U-M researchers who need a MICHR letter of support to include in their grant application.

If you wish to highlight MICHR support that is fundamental to the general research environment at U-M and available to any researcher, you may not need a letter of support. Consider including such information in the Facilities & Other Resources section of your grant proposal using this boilerplate language.

When should I contact MICHR about this offering?

The time required to develop a customized plan will vary based on the complexity of your project.

Generally, please allow seven business days for processing a letter of support. A PDF of your signed letter on MICHR letterhead will be emailed to the person you specify.

The pricing/recharge rates for MICHR services are available at the page linked below.