Co-creation sessions

Co-creation sessions to help turn research insights into practical solutions that align with user needs

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Any U-M researcher and their research partners.


Contact MICHR as soon as you are interested in this offering. Minimum lead time: 5 weeks.

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What is this offering?

Using human-centered design principles and a design thinking approach, this offering focuses on alignment between research efforts and user preferences, with the goal of improving both experiences and health outcomes. Co-creation sessions bring together groups with diverse perspectives to identify and address roadblocks early on in the design of new interventions or services; by creating rough prototypes and testing them quickly, teams can address user feedback before investing resources into developing unwanted or unusable solutions. Methods may include design research, design sprints, journey mapping, prototyping, and user testing.

How this advances translational science

Leveraging creativity, innovation, and broad expertise with the goal of increasing the speed and impact of research.

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