Research Development Consultations

Personalized advice on your research idea or grant application

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Any U-M researcher submitting a health-related research grant.


Contact MICHR as soon as you are interested in a consultation. Minimum lead time: 2 months before grant deadline.

How much?


What is this offering?

MICHR provides personalized support and advice for your grant proposals or research ideas. Our free one-hour in-person consultations can help you improve your research and funding success and are available to any researcher at the University of Michigan.

We can help with:

Study Design
• Clarify your research question and specific aims
• Identify appropriate methodologies
• Address reviewer comments

• Provide guidance on analytic methods appropriate to the research aims.
• Evaluate the validity of your study and common pitfalls.
• Provide suggestions for sample size calculations and make connections to statistical collaborators.

Funding & connections
• Match your research ideas with funding sources
• Connect you with potential collaborators, mentors, or resources
• Navigate the university research terrain

Clinical trial protocols
• Determine relevant clinical trial design and assess feasibility
• Help develop a protocol that is scientifically and statistically sound

Consultations are customized to include appropriate MICHR faculty and grant experts based on investigator needs and area of research.

Preparing for your Consultation
You will need to submit any new or updated materials at least one week before your scheduled meeting, allowing time for the consultation team to review materials prior to your consult. Come to the meeting ready to share a five-minute synopsis of your research project. It is not necessary to prepare a formal presentation.

How this advances translational science

Developing ambitious research questions and rigorous and robust methods toward generating reproducible findings that contribute to advancing translation.

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