Team Diagnostic Survey

An evidence-based survey plus expert coaching to identify the factors that drive up to 80% of team effectiveness

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Any U-M researcher and their research partners.


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What is this offering?

The Team Diagnostic Survey, based on the 6 Conditions framework, is a deeply researched and well-validated team effectiveness assessment. The Team Diagnostic Survey is a proprietary instrument developed by Harvard scholars and practitioners — Richard Hackman, Ruth Wageman and Erin Lehman. Their research identified 6 conditions that together predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness. This instrument and its underlying framework enables teams, team leaders, and team facilitators to effectively design, launch, and coach great teams. The baseline survey takes about 20-30 minutes for team members to complete, and the Pulse Check survey about 2 minutes. This service includes an expert coaching session with MICHR staff and team leads or whole team to plan next steps based on The Team Diagnostic Survey results.

How this advances translational science

Engaging team members with expertise across disciplines, fields, and professions to produce research that advances translation along the translational research continuum.

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