Toolbox Dialogue Workshop

A dialogue-based workshop to explore team members’ views about their shared work

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Any U-M researcher and their research partners.


Contact MICHR as soon as you are interested in this offering. Minimum lead time with themes customized to your project: 4 weeks; Minimum lead time with pre-existing themes: 2 weeks.

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What is this offering?

A Toolbox Dialogue Workshop is an evidence-informed, 1 to 3 hour virtual or in-person workshop to help teams explore the range of views their members hold about their shared work. Themes that can be explored include research worldviews, project success, communication norms, and more. At the same time, teams learn skills in productive, respectful dialogue that bridges differences. The Workshop can also be used as a training event for learners, faculty, and staff who are not on a team together. The themes discussed can be customized to your project, which requires more preparation together. Or, we can use existing themes proven helpful to a variety of teams.

How this advances translational science

Engaging team members with expertise across disciplines, fields, and professions to produce research that advances translation along the translational research continuum.

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